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The lack of space at hospitals and medical centers was an apparent issue, an issue that we have the solution for.

Our company was initially founded to provide a solution to the reduction in medical space needed to treat patients subjected to COVID-19. Hospitals, doctor offices, urgent care centers, and other ancillary medical facilities where patients would normally go to be treated were rendered useless because of this virus and the potential and ultimately deadly consequences of contracting it.

Hospitals had to sacrifice and convert other areas of the complex to address the immediate need forced upon them to tackle this severe and fast-moving pandemic. As a result, vast sources of revenue were lost due to the inability to perform surgeries, treatments, and elective procedures. Another area of concern was the need to not contaminate an entire facility until it was determined the people entering the building were negative for the virus. The only practical way to achieve this goal was to mitigate the interaction of potentially positive people with people who were already known to be negative. Hence, our product and the subsequent products in our product line offer the ability to test people not only for COVID-19 but also the Flu, Pneumonia, RSV, and administer vaccinations in a safe, sterile, and negative air pressure climate-controlled medical-grade space where the staff feels safe, the patients can be tested effectively and efficiently, and with a myriad of potential future uses.

Our customizable mobile medical units can be used to fulfill the need of almost any area of healthcare and medicine.

Mobile Unit Features Include:

  • Various interior configurations
  • Easy to clean Epoxy floors
  • Negative air pressure filtration systems
  • Nurses station with storage
  • White medical-grade PVC wall & ceiling paneling for sanitizing and disinfecting
  • Doors which offer natural light
  • Interior & exterior LED lighting
  • Customizable signage
  • All units come equipped with fire extinguishers
  • Options include sinks, generator, equipment packages, maintenance packages & propane supply assistance, and initial setup
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